Ezekiel's Valley Restoration & Regeneration Recovery Ministry
We Are A 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Corporation

Mission Statement

To embody Spirituality by restoring indigent alcoholics and Drug Addicts, and those living with HIV/AIDS, to a healthy and productive life.

Ezekiel’s Valley is a non-profit organization established in 1997. Our mission is to target individuals who suffer from substance abuse, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS. We provide transitional housing, shelter, nutritional meals, drug screening and education, spiritual encouragement and positive behavioral modification.

Method Statement

Focusing on the mental, physical, and spiritual restoration of men back to a state of wholeness, realizing a new way of life and becoming independent and no longer dependent. By providing the necessary ingredients for self respect, daily hygiene, rest and nutrition, we see more than a change in outward appearance. There is a definite change in attitudes toward respecting others, self-esteem returns, self-supporting goals are realized, and dormant talents are revitalized. A more complete individual emerges.

For indigent individuals trapped in a world of substance abuse, life is desperate. At Ezekiel's Valley, we believe chances for long-term recovery increase dramatically with support from professionals and peers in an established community. This approach has proven true.

At Ezekiel's Valley, we provide a fostering, compassionate environment where long-term healing is the primary focus. Subsequently, we are dedicated to the following ideology that serves as our foundation:

Integrity To deal honestly and above reproach

  Responsibility – to accept and maintain accountability for the welfare and anticipated long-term recovery with our residents, employees, the professional community and the public.


Value – To offer the highest level of on-site support to recently recovery individuals with drug and alcohol dependencies, along with mental and eating disorders.

Volunteers  - To provide exemplary services, always placing the resident’s welfare first.

Ezekiel’s Valley is residential recovery for the poor.


We are not a treatment center. In many cases, Ezekiel’s Valley takes over after this initial period of recovery. Many individuals have decided to change but do not yet feel equipped for independent living. Our primary service is to facilitate continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


We provide an affordable, family-like residence for individuals includes:


Complete furnishings •Separate living and dining areas •BedroomsEquipped kitchen •Washers and dryers •Cable Television


Residents are encouraged to reduce stress and focus on emotional healing.


Support services include:


12-step, in-house guidance •Life skills development •Job proficiencies

Fitness and nutrition classes •Fellowship activities & Spiritual services


An on-call staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



It is important to understand that there is no “typical” resident. Our communities welcome individuals from all walks of life, all races and all religions. We do not require money.

The common denominator –and the most import factor – is that a person must demonstrate a strong desire for long-term recovery. To foster this commitment, each resident is treated and cared for as a special person with unique needs.

Admission guidelines at Ezekiel’s Valley are as follows:

Men must be 18 years of age or older.

Residents must be recovering and stabilized from a chemical dependency.

The emphasis at Ezekiel’s Valley is on change. However, residents are expected to participate in a recovery job, volunteer work or schooling of some type. All homes are on, or readily accessible to public transportation.

We support and assist residents in gaining an appropriate recovery job if the person is not already working. Clients who are disabled or unable to work must be involved in appropriate activities during the day. These may include educational or vocational training or volunteer assignments.

The majority of residents at Ezekiel’s Valley are referred by various sources: treatment centers, 12-step gatherings, state and county agencies, churches, the legal community, family and friends of the potential resident.

The admissions process for Ezekiel’s Valley is simple, but inclusive. The individual first is assessed during a one-on-one meeting with a recovery specialist. Afterwards, the individual meets with the entire community of residents and answers their questions or concerns.

An individual with ongoing medical problems – including dual diagnosis – may be accepted, provided he is addressing these problems with outside professional help. Candidates also, are assessed for off-campus counseling, meetings or therapy.

Saying Good-by: Transitioning to Independent Living

Four to six weeks before leaving Ezekiel’s Valley, residents begin a modified period of transition. If the resident is returning to a family situation, extended passes are suggested and allowed. This prepares the resident for re-entry into independent living.

Residents also participate in a transitional support group to assist with issues related to leaving and independent living. This prepares the resident for re-entry into everyday life.