Ezekiel's Valley Restoration & Regeneration Recovery Ministry

Male Community Recovery Program Requirements of ALL Residents

Residents must be 18 years or older.

·        A six-month minimum stay is required.

·        A 9 to 12-month commitment is encouraged.

·        Residents must abstain from alcohol and drug use.

·        Residents must be mentally and physically stable.

Residents must also agree to the following:

·        Regular random drug and alcohol screening

·        Daily 12-step meetings

·        Frequent contact with sponsor

·        Adherence to curfew hours

·        Attendance at weekly house community meetings and scheduled group activities

·        Maintenance and upkeep of homes and rooms

·        Accountability to staff and peers for their location at all times

·        Participation in aftercare by referring treatment center

·        Utilization of referred outpatient therapy services

·        Fees paid on a weekly or monthly basis

·        Commitment to productive activity (occupational, volunteer or academic)