Ezekiel's Valley Restoration & Regeneration Recovery Ministry

Recovery Services Offered

Group Therapy is an opportunity for clients to share their feelings in a group setting and receive feed back. Specific concentration on dealing with societal pressure of being removed from incarceration and environments not conducive to recovery.

Substance Abuse Education gives clients a change to learn about addiction and how it affects themselves, family and others.

Big Book Study examines how the first one hundred men and women of Alcoholics Anonymous recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Relapse Prevention for Criminal Offenders Criminal offenders are suffering from two diseases or disorders. The first is chemical dependency which results in the out of control use of alcohol and other drugs. The second is antisocial or criminal dependency personality disorder. People with antisocial personalities are compulsive rule breakers who feel driven to con, hustle, manipulate, and abuse other people. These disorders are related, but if we are to avoid relapse we are to deal with them both.

Focus and Feelings Group gives clients lessons on how to focus on and express ones feelings and where the client is at that time.

HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention makes clients aware of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV and AIDS.  Also examined is how the disease is transmitted and prevention of transmission.

Spirituality Awareness informs clients of a spiritual answer for recovery that helps build a relationship with GOD, as they would understand him.


Through the above recovery groups and classes, clients become employable and able to hold on to job opportunities.