Ezekiel's Valley Restoration & Regeneration Recovery Ministry

Who Are We?

W. C. Whitfield CEO
We are a non-profit organization established for individuals that are homeless or living with HIV/AIDS, that are experiencing life threatening difficulties because of drug and alcohol addiction.

Reverend Willie C. Whitfield founded Ezekiel’s Valley Restoration & Regeneration Recovery Ministry in Atlanta, GA in 1997 with support from his church congregation, Mount Olive Baptist Church in Sale City, Georgia, and Rev. C. M. Alexander, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church North of Atlanta, Georgia. Rev. Whitfield’s personal recovery from drugs and alcohol enables him to be in touch with the pitfalls of addiction.  He now reaches out to rescue downtrodden men from their own seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Residential in nature, these programs are designed to change the environment of the individuals deemed eligible for program services.  The program offers therapy, education, employment services and a quality place to recover.